Les Inédits
in Coeur de MontérégieA source of great pride!

Our region offers a wealth of exclusive products. Here, we cultivate the art of living and the pleasure of the senses. From cider houses to market gardens, our producers combine tradition and inventiveness with refined gastronomy. Experiencing the passion of our artisans is like sampling moments of happiness.

Our producers take great pride in the excellence of their products. The “Les Inédits” emblem is backed by years of perfection of unique expertise. This seal of exceptional quality is your assurance that the product you will taste comes from our region. Everywhere you go, you are sure to see the “Les Inédits” logo on the doors of boutiques and workshops, and on products, heralding an original experience. Discover it at different locations, along winding roads or during an event held in our region. Look for “Les Inédits” and make delicious discoveries!


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