Pear, pear ice wine and gizzard confit medley

Servings: 4
Preparation: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 3 hours


Gizzard confit

1 lb (450 g) chicken gizzards from Poulet D’Amours et Fils
1 lb (450 g) duck fat from Aux Champs d’Élisé


1 package (7 g) gelatine powder
3 tbsp (45 ml) cold water
1 cup (250 ml) Pear ice wine from Domaine de Lavoie


1 tbsp (15 ml) duck fat from Aux Champs d’Élisé
chicken gizzards confit from Poulet D’Amours et Fils, cut in two
¼ cup (40 g) pine nuts
To taste Poiré dressing*
4 cups your choice of greens
3 pears, sliced
2 tbsp (30 ml) fresh chives, chopped
To taste fleur de sel and ground pepper
Poiré jelly, cut into cubes

* Note: See ice cider dressing recipe and replace with Poiré dressing.


Gizzard confit

1. In a pot, melt duck fat on medium heat. Add gizzards and heat until the fat is almost boiling. Lower heat to minimum (the fat must not boil).

2. Cook at very low temperature for 3 hours or until gizzards are tender (gizzard confit may be prepared the day before).


3. In a bowl, mix the gelatine powder with cold water.

4. In a small pot, heat the Poiré. Turn off heat just before the Poiré boils and add gelatine mixture. Whisk until the gelatine is dissolved.

5. Pour into an airtight container and let set in refrigerator (30 minutes to 1 hour). Cut into small cubes.


6. In a pan, brown the gizzard confit and pine nuts in duck fat. Add salt, pepper and set aside.

7. In a bowl, toss greens, pear slices and dressing. Season and toss well.

8. Serve greens on a plate. Place browned gizzard confit pieces around the greens. Add cubes of jelly. Sprinkle with some fleur de sel and ground pepper.


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